The congress will be held virtually. The links can be found in the Schedule by using the icon .



Morning conferences will be transmitted live through ABRE’s YouTube Channel. Each conference link may also be found at the Schedule page. Questions and comments will be forwarded to the speakers via YouTube chat.


For enhanced security and discussion posssibilities, afternoon sessions will be held by Google Meet. They will not be trasmitted via the YouTube Channel but all congress participants will be granted access to all sessions. Three virtual rooms will be available during the afternoons starting 15 minutes prior to the first session (13:45). For security reasons, only participants correctly identified by e-mail will be able to enter the rooms. Invitations will be sent by e-mail to all participants. It is important to accept all three invitations by clicking “yes” in the received messages.


When acessing Google Meet rooms, make sure you are correctly registered (“logged in”) with the e-mail you used in registration. Your access will be granted automatically during session hours, by clicking “Join now”.

If you see the button “Ask to join”, you are likely logged in with an account different from the one you used in registration.

Please click “Choose another account”, select the right account from the list and log in, or click “Choose another account”.

For security reasons, session coordinators are advised not to accept participation requests, so make sure you are logged in with the right account. If you have registered with an e-mail not liked to Google, you may link from the login form using the “Create account” link: type the e-mail used in registration (“Use my current e-mail instead”), and create a password.

If you have registered with an account not linked to Google but already have a linked account, you may also inform us so we can update room invitations.